Bubble Gum Cannabis Oil (10 grams)


THC: 60.70%
CBD: 2.36%


Bubble Gum Cannabis Oil (10 grams)

Bubble Gum is a classic sativa-dominant hybrid marked by sweet and fruity flavors. This strain has the ability to numb your body while leaving your mind feeling clearheaded. Bubble Gum was originally developed by growers in Indiana and has been winning awards since 1994. Bubble Gum is easy to grow and has a flowering time of 7-9 weeks. Buy Bubble gum cannabis oil

Bubblegum is one of the most popular products among legal marijuana lovers. Proof is that this strain gained the first place in the Cannabis Light Cup in Zurich and Vienna. This is only one of several awards won in recent years that confirm its high quality and thus its wide use. In Europe it is actually considered to be the best cannabis with high CBD content. Bubble gum cannabis oil online

When you look at a Bubblegum CBD flower, you cannot help but to be captured by its colours: candid white trichomes (due to the high production of resin)  surrounded by numerous pistils of different shades of orange. Bubblegum CBD weed is so popular. Powerful effects of bubble gum cannabis oil

Bubblegum’s singular taste and smell defined its success: the aroma is so particular and unique, with strong, sweetish notes that recall summer fruits, perfectly blended with sour notes of citrus, earth and wood. The taste cannot be described; you just have to try it! This perfect mix gave the Bubblegum legal weed its status: experts and inexperienced agree that it is one of the most loved and appreciated strains on the market’It won everybody’s heart because of its sweet flavours and its powerful effect. Launched on the American market in the early ‘70s, many say it comes from the state of Indiana. It later reached Europe – in the ‘90s – where it first spread mainly in Holland, also winning several awards between 1995 and 1999. Buy bubble gum cannabis online

The bubble-gum with cannabis oil is promising because its ingredients, cannabidiol or CBD, an active ingredient in cannabis is known to treat epileptic seizures, inflammation, and psychosis in patients. At present, there is a high demand of this product since it is a good way to deliver fast-acting cannabinoids in an everyday scenario. Bubble gum cannabis strain. Bubble Gum classic sativa-dominant


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