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CALI CARTS. $30.00. Various Flavors. – Birthday Cake – Gelato – GSC – Skittlez – Trainwreck – Sour Diesel – Skywalker OG – Hardcore OG – Gorilla Glue.


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The packaging for Cali carts is very similar to other bootleg product like exotic carts, they use logos or names that are trademarked, usually from cartoons or candy brands. Fake brands like to use established candy and cartoon characters because they target children or that brand has a large fan base, so they use them without permission. For example, Nintendo would never license Mario Kart to a marijuana company. Real brands use their own intellectual property, because stealing other people would get them shut down, and because they market to adults. If your cartridge brand or strain shares a name or logo with, a cartoon show, a video game, or a brand of candy or cereal, it is fake

Chinese cartridge and label makers invent cool-sounding brands and print up slick-looking packages to sell by the thousands to the US. Black market fillers can then fill these carts for a few cents apiece. Since the packaging can be bought by anyone and the brand isn’t licensed, it is impossible to know if the cartridge is filled with pesticides. Customers have written reviews about the cartridge oil turning black after a few hits, the oil moving way too quickly compared to authentic cartridges, the oil doesn’t bubble, and the taste is way too tart to be authentic.



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